How to: Celebrate Memorial Day in Wisconsin!

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Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the men and women who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. The holiday is observed every year on the last Monday of May and gives Americans the chance to reflect upon the over 1.8 million lives that were given for America since 1775. It’s a day to remember ancestors, family members and loved ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. How do you thank them for this sacrifice?Memorial Day Share 0516 2In traditional observance, the flag of the United States will be lowered to the half-staff position where it will remain until noon. This position remembers the men and women who gave their lives in service of their country. At noon the flag will be raised to full-staff for the remainder of the day which signifies that their memory is raised by the living, who resolve not to let their sacrifice be in vain. Other traditional observances include wearing red poppies, visiting cemeteries and placing flags or flowers on the graves of our fallen heroes, and visiting memorials.

In December 2000 the National Moment of Remembrance resolution was passed to help re-educate and remind Americans of the true meaning of Memorial Day. At 3 p.m. local time, all Americans “voluntarily and informally observe in their own way a Moment of Remembrance and respect, pausing from whatever they are doing for a moment of silence or listening to Taps.”

Of course the most recognized way to celebrate Memorial Day would be the parades! Cities and towns across Wisconsin will be hosting Memorial Day parades that incorporate military personnel and members of veterans’ organizations. On a less somber note, many families throw parties and barbecues on the holiday as it unofficially marks the beginning of summer.Parade New BerlinMemorial Day is a time for families to reflect upon the freedom we have been given by countless men and women who gave up their lives for the American public. No matter if you celebrate by going to a parade, wearing a red poppy, laying flowers on a grave, camping with family or by catching up on yard work, we ask that you respect the Moment of Remembrance and think about the true meaning of our day off from our normal lives. Happy Memorial Day from Shorewest, REALTORS®! #ShorewestRealtors #ShorewestFamily #MemorialDay

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